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Omid Miraki

Omid Miraki

General Manager

Bridge design & promotion companay established in 2010 is one of  the first companies focused on the design of communications in Sulaimaniyah.
We are a design team who are in love with their job. We begin each design project we have dealt with in researching. This is very important for us. To have an idea about the subject and the "words" is important to us. We aim that there would be a humorous feeling and an idea behind each design. All our designs have such a process behind.

As Bridge Design we have designs and products in many areas such as logo / corporate identity, packaging design, brochure / catalog and book design, advertisement design, web site, we made design consultancy. To date, we have worked for customer from large and small sectors such as food, pharmaceutical,  iron and steel, publishing, consumer products, furniture, education, health, and tourism.  We have worked for the big brands in the global service and the smaller companies in production.
The Bridge design & promotion company was founded by Omed Miraki.

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